1. Spring

From the recording Dreamer's Sea

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Calla Kinglit - vocals, synth, mandolin 
Jordy Walker - percussion, synth 


the darkness fell with the fading sun
and it stole our water, left us with none
now we are keeping the rocks company

the ice in the inlet is all broken up
and it sounded a lot like all of those cups
that you broke while you were trying to find yourself

spring is here
spring is here

the papers piled up like the buildings of books
that we tried to consume, hung our hats on their hooks
and now we are floating on boats built of words

our minds travelled places our feet longed to go
our hearts crafted words that our hands longed to sew
apprentices have to know how to feel alone

my heart is packed up like the bags that I've got
my eyes are set forward on a far away spot
that i found on a map that is torn along the folds

my wings fly tomorrow built strongly of steel
my lungs draw in breaths that design how I feel
I hope that it won't be so hard to be alone