From the recording Dreamer's Sea

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Calla Kinglit - vocals, guitar, mandolin 2 Jordy Walker - percussion, electric bass, synth, mandolin 1
Pietro Amato - french horn 


you were an ocean that I tried to cross
I was a desert where we both got lost for a lifetime 
we broke apart like a cliff after winter
there ain’t no ice to keep us a mountain no more

the river has a voice like a sweet mandolin
she sounds like a bird that has two broken wings
there ain’t nowhere she’ll go 
there ain’t no place that I’ll go that the shoreline don’t know

you were an ocean, I was a desert
 you were an ocean I tried to cross

God is a twisted and weathered pine
we cut its branches and built us a fire that gave no warmth at all
gave no warmth at all
the wood was the green of a northern river
we poured gasoline on this life and burnt it to ash