1. The Glow

From the recording Dreamer's Sea

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Calla Kinglit - vocals, synths, guitar 
Jordy Walker - percussion, synth


my horizon is ever changing
it is the sky’s ceiling
and the doorway to an infinite sea
and we have a doorway too
and footprints that stretch across the sky

I once paddled through the stars
in a lonely northern boat
and capsizing I did fear

but with you I believe I could
walk through the starkness of space
and feel my feet warmed by the glow
oh the glow
and feel my feet warmed by the glow
of distant stars

there’s a tenderness in your breathing
and it slows the count of minutes
and our lungs find company
in matching rhythms
and the ocean counts the time in the washing away of tides
and mountains count the time in landslides