From the recording Dreamer's Sea

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Calla Kinglit - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, synth
Jordy Walker - percussion, synth, electro-acoustic sounds 
James Bunton - strings recording
Brenton Chan - cello 
Daniel Janke - double bass
Rebecca Macleod - violin 


The Island and the Sea 

who are we? We are nothing 
there is only an island 
surrounded by a beautiful sea
And in this sea and on this small land

you have it all
why would you need
why would you need
anyone at all? 

the sea curls
crests of luminescent blue
crashes of white, monsters of grey
thunder, wind and nothing at all 

you have caught me on a line 
the hook tears my flesh
and I could be something 
currents that guide the castoff home 

who am I? I am nothing 
I am only an island
surrounded by a beautiful sea
and in this sea and on this small land 

why would you need?