The Story Behind the Song: Spring   

Sometimes people point out that the video for the song Spring is "kindof a really blurry video". Sometimes they point out that my mandolin is "kindof pretty out of tune". 

I look at them, every time I am sure, with a slight furl to my brow that I hope shows my interest in what they are saying, and hides a great involuntary internal shrug. 


It's true. 

It's blurry and it’s out of tune. 

My mom helped me record the video from the second floor of a house frame, mid build. I sat with the wisp of a…

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Producer Notes: Dreamer's Sea   

This was the third song Calla and I recorded together for her upcoming record. After having recorded the first two songs, one track at a time, using click tracks, tempo maps, and long distance recording sessions with musicians in Montreal and Toronto, we wanted to do something immediate, quick and really allow the vocals to reflect the particular emotional intensity of these lyrics. 

We placed her electric guitar amp in another room of the studio, with the door open to the main room where she was singing…

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Story Behind the Song: Dreamer's Sea   

Hi lovely readers, 

Welcome to my first blog post! 

This first post is a creative non-fiction short story that is about the circumstances surrounding the writing of 'Dreamer's Sea'. 

I started with this song because, while the lyrics are some of the most clear, simple and the least allegorical of my songs, the circumstances surrounding it's composition were vibrant, chaotic and full of taste, texture and life. This song was written while I was working as a researcher in the Congo Forest Basin in the Central…

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Welcome to my Blog! 

In "Story Behind the Song" you'll find a creative non-fiction short story that paints the picture of the time and circumstances around the writing of a particular song. 

In "Producer Notes" you'll find reflections on the recording process of a song by either myself or my producer, Jordy Walker. 

And anything else will just be what it is-- reflections on life, living and music. 

I hope you find them interesting.

Cheers, Calla